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Veterans Affairs

Mission Statement

Assure respect for our Veteran's spiritual, physical, mental and socio-economic well-being by securing appropriate resources to provide health and social services as well as education and training opportunities which values traditional and contemporary way of life.

Contact Information

Program Manager: Cecelia Jack 509-865-5121 ext. 6021
Admin. Assistant: Open 509-865-5121 ext. 6022

Event Dates

Aug 14th-19th

Veterans Camp Chaparral PTSD Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Memorial Day, Veterans Day, PTSD Camp Chaparral - third weekend of August.

Camp Chaparral is a week-long cultural immersion experience designed to improve understanding and sensitivity of all ethnic backgrounds. The training is located on restricted grounds of the Yakama Indian Nation, in the foothills of Mount Adams in Washington State. The venue and methodology used in the Camp Chaparral experience provides an ideal opportunity for participants to focus on the way veterans' care or benefits are provided, not just how to provide it.

The Veterans Affairs Program coordinates various activities throughout the year with the Yakama Warriors Association such as funeral details, setting of headstones, and flag raising ceremonies.

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